With summer approaching, you’ll soon be relying on your lawn mower frequently in the months ahead. If you haven’t already done so, it’s essential to service your mower to ensure it’s in top condition for the season.

Whilst this job is probably best done by a professional, you could attempt to do it at home with some mechanical know-how and the right tools. But to make you aware, it’s important to check that any guarantees and warranties will still be valid if you decide to service the mower yourself.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

  • Blade Maintenance: The blades are the heart of your mower, whether it’s petrol, electric, or robotic. Blunt blades can damage turf and lead to uneven cutting. Check 
    if the blades need sharpening or replacement. If they’re bent or chipped, it’s time for new ones.
  • Deck Cleaning: Clear out any clippings and dirt from around the mower deck. Remove the covers to clean other components thoroughly. Electric mowers require special attention to ensure the vents remain clear for proper airflow. Avoid getting water on electrical parts.
  • Keep It Lubricated: Lubricate all moving parts on the electric and petrol mowers. For electric mowers, lubricate the wheels to keep them running smoothly. If you have a petrol-powered mower, don’t forget to service the engine.

Remember to unplug your mower or remove the battery before starting any maintenance work. While this guide covers the basics, consulting a professional and your mower’s manual for detailed instructions is always a good idea. By servicing your mower now, you’ll be ready to tackle your lawn with ease when the mowing season starts!

It’s worth mentioning that electric mowers offer the same power but are cheaper to run in the long term - a win-win for both your lawn and your wallet.

For professional servicing of your lawnmowers and lawn tractors, our team is available to help. We service all makes and models of gardening equipment – contact your local branch today for further details.