The KUHN Group, world leader in agricultural equipment, designs, manufactures and distributes a complete range of innovative and quality agricultural machinery and services. 
More than 2000 international patents have been registered by the KUHN Group to offer the agricultural world ever more innovative solutions. 

Kuhn equipment is manufactured and distributed worldwide, with the UK head office in Telford, Shropshire. Kuhn machinery is intended to support agricultural businesses for crop management, forage production, livestock and landscape maintenance. 
Our RVT depots are well stocked with Kuhn parts and wearing parts and if we are missing a Kuhn part in stock we have the added advantage of Kuhn head quarters in the centre of our terretory so we can soon source the part you require.



Deep disc/tine cultivators maximise the productivity of fields by breaking up compact soil structure to optimise the soil and seedbed preparation for better yields by breaking up the soil and improving water infiltration.


Cultivating helps manage weeds, facilitate decomposition of residues, control disease and prepare the soil for seeding. Kuhn cultivators offer solutions for stubble cultivation in a single pass. Tine or multi-purpose disc stubble cultivators, ensure you carry out quality work with a simple, robust and efficient tool.


STRIGER 100 available in 4 to 12 rows will only min til the strip of soil in the seeding line ready for planting in rows. The strip-til method leaves the rest of the soil undisturbed preserving the organic matter and moisture in the soil. With the STRIGER 100, the potential of the field is maintained while preserving soil life, limiting erosion, reducing the surface worked by 80%.


A range of ploughs are available offering large working widths to meet all ploughing requirements as well as reducing operating costs. Kuhn ploughs are equipped with the latest innovations, designed to last longer and have lower maintenance costs.

Seed Drills

Seeding is of prime-time importance. Kuhn seed drills offer the perfect seeding in ploughing, min-til or direct drilled soils. Precision air seed drills with ISOBUS offer the highest of seeding precision.

Fertilser Spreaders

KUHN is a pioneer in precision fertilisation and offers innovative solutions for perfect control of fertiliser application. KUHN's range adapt to spreading fertiliser in open fields, on edges, in developed crops or for special crops (vegetables), with incomparable precision and simplicity. Bringing the right dose to the right place to maximise the potential of crop yields.

Mounted Sprayers

Mounted sprayers that combine performance and versatility and help reduce crop protection costs.

Flail Mowers

Kuhn flail mowers are designed for modern farming practices, whilst providing an excellent quality of shredding with a good distribution of residues. The crop residues enhance soil conditions when shredded efficiently and effectively.


Innovative mowing solutions from the Kuhn mower range takes into account forage quality requirements, operating comfort, productivity, safety and reliability whilst reducing maintenance costs.


Tedding speeds up drying and is an important stage in the process of producing high quality forage. Tedding aims to preserve the energy value of the forage and limit any weather risk. Kuhn tedders distribute forage quickly and evenly. Tedders available in working widths from 4.20m to 17.80m.

Rakes and Mergers

Design adapted to harvesting and preserving the quality and nutritional value of the forage. Kuhn rakes collecting forage, whilst introducing minimal impurities, whether with rotors or belts, they ensure reliability, maximum work output and uniform swaths.

Bale Wrappers

Maximise silage quality with the Kuhn bale wrapper range. Bale and wrap the bales in one pass, sealing the forage in keep the nutritional value and ease of storage. Whether using a fixed or variable chamber baler-wrapper combination, the bale is sealed within seconds using the latest technology and innovations, using Kuhn’s patented film binding technology and 3D wrapping.

Square and Round Balers

Built for field performance, bale quality and bale density for a profitable baling operation. The most efficient and versatile range of balers available on the market! RVT SUDBURY depot are now a Kuhn Baler Centre to offer expert advice on finding the best baler to meet your requirements and professional back-up support.


The Kuhn TMR mixer wagon range produce the perfect mixed ration for your livestock, guaranteeing a high-quality feed cake. Choose from 1, 2 or 3 vertical augers, available in different capacities 4 to 45 m3 and a weighing device as standard, the EUROMIX and PROFILE ranges allow precise management of the herd's feed ration.


The KUHN PRIMOR range of straw blowers and feeders chop quick and evenly to give an even distribution of straw or chopped forage. Chop square or round bales of straw or forage bales. A great handy addition to the farm during the feeding and bedding season.

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