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Introducing Milwaukee cutting-edge C12 C Charger, engineered to optimize battery performance and durability in even the most extreme conditions. With temperature protection electronics, this charger dynamically adjusts its charging rate to maximize battery life, ensuring peak performance no matter the temperature.

Built with an encapsulated circuit board, our charger is designed to withstand the harshest environments. Dust, moisture, and impact are no match for its robust construction, guaranteeing reliable performance and protection for your electronics.

Experience unparalleled convenience with our progressive charge indication feature. LED lights on the charger illuminate incrementally, providing real-time feedback on the current charge level of your battery pack, so you always know when it's ready for use.

Powered by REDLITHIUM™ battery technology, our charger delivers fast and efficient charging for your 3.0 Ah, 4.0 Ah, 1.5 Ah, and 2.0 Ah battery packs. Recharge times are impressively swift, with 3.0 Ah and 4.0 Ah packs reaching full capacity in just 60 minutes or less, while 1.5 Ah and 2.0 Ah packs recharge in a mere 30 minutes or 40 minutes respectively.

Upgrade your charging experience with our C12 C Charger and enjoy unmatched performance, reliability, and convenience for all your power tool needs.

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