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RVT’s dedicated Precision Farming department has grown out of a desire to support customers and users of our market leading precision farming technologies; by getting the maximum return on their investment in a rapidly changing world of agricultural technology.

We are driven by a desire to provide the correct equipment for each and every situation, a desire to carry out professional installations, a to make sure users have full instruction in using equipment to its maximum advantage and being there to support the equipment throughout its entire life cycle. Although work is shared between the team it’s not unusual to have the same team member sell, support and service a customer’s equipment; and this we believe is a mark of the true specialists in which we pride ourselves. We strive to see our technologies exceed our customer’s expectations.

RVT Precision Farming was set up as its own unique department within Rea Valley Tractors in order to provide a true specialist service to our customers. It also enables the members of the team to have complete focus and be in daily contact with the constantly changing world of precision farming technology and agronomic practices.

We work with our customers to:

  • Ensure the right technology is purchased and put in place
  • Consider future upgrade options in order to future proof any investment
  • Look at any annual running costs and select the most cost effective options
  • Consider other equipment owned by a user where GPS equipment could be shared to maximise on usage and efficiency gains
  • Professional installation and calibration of any chosen equipment
  • Clear and concise instruction in the practical use of equipment
  • Ongoing support and recommendations for continued best use of equipment
  • Rapid resolution of problems whether caused by set-up issues, hardware issues or site specific applications. We are able to lend equipment to keep customers working if required

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Our services are wide ranging, from no fuss displays for grassland management to the most advanced forward thinking techology we have the solution for you. We have been awarded the John Deere Certificate of Excellence for our specialist services for the last three years, only one of a handful of dealers to win this award. Want to know more ?

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