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Main dealers for John Deere, JCB & Kuhn for Shropshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Mid Wales.

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Keeping you Connected

RVT Precision Farming offer a wide range of products and services to suit all budgets and businesses.

  • RVT RTK –  Correction Signal from one of our 6 base stations
  • Remote Display Access
  • Wireless Data Transfer
  • All makes guidance – We can fit guidance to virtually any make or model – see the gallery below for recent installations
  • – Your farm in your pocket
  • Variable Rate Applications
  • AgLeader Opt RX Crop Sensors – Use your fertiliser more efficiently when & where your crops need it
  • Drones – For crop walking & enabling timely application decisions. Import in to MyJohnDeere account to make variable rate prescriptions & visual reference maps
  • Field Connect monitoring – in field solar powered gateway connecting to various monitoring sensors such as moisture probes, temperature sensors, rain gauge & UV Sensors. Real time infomation means you can make informed decision on irrigation and planting strategies
  • Grassland management – the Ag Leader Compass for no fuss easy to use display for parellel tracking or mapping fields
  • Machine to machine integration – MyJobsConnect reduces phone calls minimises miscommunucation and increases effeciency. By scheduling all jobs from the office or on the go the manager can always keep their drivers updated with the latest set of instructions.
  • GreenStar Rate Controller
  • Active Implement Guidence
  • i-Manure – changes how you look at the value and use of manure and allows you to use manure as accurately as bagged fertilizer, treating it as a commodity rather than a waste product. Real time measurements dry matter, N,P & K so slurry can be applied on a nutrient based target rate by a set rate or variable rate prescription map.
  • GPS Depth Control – Using RVT RTK & AgLeader Command 1200 to control the point of drainage pipe to ensure a positive grade throughout the whole run. Eliminates manual grade calculations, repositioning hassles and weather restrictions. See the video of it working in action here

Watch some of our recent installations:


John Deere iManure in Action

Support Charges

We are unique in the way we support our customers. We have a dedicated phone line for all Precision Farming enquiries and support, with out of hours service available.

To enable the quickest and best possible response to your needs we operate the following system:

For all initial support and correction license calls, please dial 01743 289100. All operational and remote capable support is dealt with immediatley on this number. This number diverts to a mobile out of hours.

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