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RVT Maintenance Plans

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In today’s farming economic climate when effective cash flow management is key, a maintenance plan for your new or used machine could be an ideal solution for your farm business. They help you control your costs and provide peace of mind that your machines are covered.

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RVT Maintenance Plans

Rea Valley Tractors market a range of maintenance plans to allow you to budget your service costs over a period of time up to a maximum of 5 years.

These costs are calculated based on your estimated annual usage and for the term you select, they will include all filters, lubricants and labour.  Plans can be applied to either new machines or your existing fleet, whether they be on self-propelled John Deere machines or JCB’s.

Once the price is calculated and agreed, you can then pay monthly or quarterly depending on what suits your cash flow best for the term of the plan.

The servicing follows the service intervals set out by the manufacturers and work would be carried out on site using genuine filters and lubricants, by LTA approved Technicians.  These plans can be enhanced by taking up the extended warranty offerings shown below.


John Deere PowerGard

John Deere PowerGard agreements can help protect you against unexpected repair costs and keep your maintenance on track with genuine parts. Three packages provide increasingly comprehensive levels of coverage to keep your machines running at peak performance with steady uptime. Maintenance Plans allow you to keep your machine serviced at the correct intervals using genuine parts, all work done by LTA approved technicians, and serviced according to the schedule published in the operators manual.

PowerGard offers 3 levels of cover:

  • Powergard  Maintenance – A maintenance package for John Deere machines, it can be a stand-alone product if no warranty options are selected. Maintenance is  required if Protection or Protection Plus options are chosen.


  • PowerGard Protection – John Deere’s  powertrain warranty which includes engine, transmission and final drives. This package needs a maintenance plan to be in place and the warranty would have  to be discussed and chosen at point of sale. If the tractor is financed through John Deere Financial (JDF) then the warranty can be financed through JDF aswell.


  • PowerGard Protection Plus – A more comprehensive level of warranty cover, including the items covered in Protection, this cover also includes engine auxiliaries, electrical components, steering, brakes, hydraulics and operators cab. Again a maintenance plan would need to be in place for the term of the warranty, and the warranty cover would have to be discussed and chosen at point of sale. JDF can finance the warranty if the tractor is bought through JDF.

For a full list of what’s included please click here

JCB Premier Cover & PowerTrain Cover

Premier Cover offers protection for every part of your JCB machine from manufacturing or material defect for a maximum of 5 years or 6,000 hours.

  • Applicable on all machines with an hour meter
  • Available on machines up to 6 months old
  • Transferable to second owner
  • Fully supported by JCB

JCB Premier Cover offers the same component protection as standard warranty so every part of the machine is covered from manufacturing or material defect.

JCB PowerTrain Cover offers protection against manufacturing or material defect on engines, transmission and final drives.

To qualify for JCB PremierCover or PowerTrain machines need to be dealer serviced and, where fitted, have LiveLink active for the duration of the contract period. Full terms and conditions are available here



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