New Holland T5 Dynamic & Auto Command

New Holland

MULTI-PURPOSE FROM FIELD AND LOADER WORK THROUGH TO HIGH SPEED TRANSPORT Available in premium blue power configuration and developed where performance and comfort are of supreme importance to make your tractor stand out in the field.  The blue power options features a distinctive metallic midnight blue paint, chrome grille, silver wheel trims, blue power seat and carpet, silver light surround on the cab work lights. ... read more

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The engine

The engine draws on the engine development group FPT Industrial  to bring pioneering SCR technology. The new HI-eSCR 2 technology developed by FPT Industrial  complies with Stage V emissions standards with a further 40% reduction of Particulate Matter content.  The NEF 4.5 litre engine has a compact and simple layout that is EGR-free and produces the ideal power curve, delivering peak power at 1800rpm, which is perfectly aligned for PTO and road work for extreme productivity and reliability. 

Dynamic CommandTM Transmission

The 24x24 Dynamic Command transmission offers an eight-step semi-powershift which enables shifts between gears under load without changing ranges. The wide spread of speeds within the ranges means less need to change range mid-task therefore improving work productivity.

Ground Speed Management (GSM) 11 

GSM II intelligent automated transmission shift system with CVT-like functionality uses a combination of engine load data, forward speed and operator setting, to manage engine speed and transmission speed to optimise performance and economy. 

Dynamic StartStop Feature 

Brake without the need to clutch, once released the tractor automatically starts to move, allowing for more accurate and faster loader work. 

Smart transmission

Auto and Cruise Modes on Auto Command or Auto Road and Transport on Dynamic Command use the droop dial to limit engine speed to achieve the desired forward speed and so reaching target speeds at much lower engine revs saving on fuel. When in PTO mode the droop dial is used to regulate reduction in PTO speed before forward speed is reduced.

The continuously variable transmission features three-stage acceleration  and deceleration settings. The ‘soft’ setting for gentle directional changes, for high speed transport or slippery surfaces. The standard setting is for field work and the super-fast aggressive setting is ideal when instantaneous directional changes are required. 

Auto Command makes fast directional changes simple, by moving the CommandGripTM handle or using the powershuttle switch on the CommandGrip handle or using the shuttle lever on the steering column. 


Auto Command Technology & CommandGrip

Set a target speed between 20m/hr to 40km/hr ECO and regulate it to the nearest 0.01kph with no steps or range changes. Setting target speeds to match operator requirements. Change between three target speeds with the target speed selection: 

Auto Mode. Auto Command will match the engine and transmission to maintain the target speed.

Cruise Mode. Achieve a desired target speed at the touch of a button and maintain that speed.

Manual Mode. Set the required engine and forward speed independently. 

PTO Mode. When the PTO is engaged Auto Command will kick in to achieve a constant engine speed.

More Information
Model T5
Make New Holland
Year 2022


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