New Holland 1290+ Square Baler

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New Holland

Since 1987 over 20,000 balers have been put to work in the world’s fields. In the quest for baler excellence New Holland have listened to customers, the new BigBaler 1290 High Density   produces bales 22% more dense than standard conventional balers for more efficient logistics and transport.

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The new high capacity Packer models feature  3, 9-tine packer forks. Manufactured with heavy duty components ensure durability and match the baler’s high throughput and the overload protection clutch on Packer modes is 25% higher than BigBaler Plus Packer models.

The new hydraulic suspension system ensures perfect weight distribution across all four wheels and delivers improved ground following.

The BigBaler 1290 High Density Baler is the next generation in styling design with sweeping aggressive lines which convey the ‘let’s get it done’ attitude. It is also well designed with wide open side and front panels for ease of access for servicing and maintenance. 

This baler has an extra large hydraulic operated swing out twine box for 36 XL twine spools that can be connected simultaneously,  for 65% more autonomy and baling 1400 bales without reloading.


The BigBaler range features New Holland’s Loop Master™ knotting technology. Building on the brand’s renowned double knotting system, the second knot is now a loop style, which is 37% stronger compare to a standard knot. This results in an up to 26% increase in overall tensile strength for reduced breakages. Perhaps more importantly however, it eliminates twine offcuts – which are currently left in the fields, and can even find their way into fodder. Saving over six kilometres or 46kg of twine every 10,000 bales.

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Ref No. 11031139
Model 1290+
Make New Holland
Year 2022


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